Training Board Pans Güllich

Training boards

Osm’Ose offers wood and resin training boards. Wood for lovers of authenticity and resin for the experts. (ask for a cotation)
Our training boards have more or less profound holds.

Training Boards
Poutre Fat - Osmose Resin FAT
Weight 4 Kg
Size: 60 cm
Year: 2012
Grip: Good
Fixation: 4 wood screws
Screws in option

Wood :
The wooden training boards Osm’Ose have the advantage of being easy to set and solid but they also have an obvious charm that will not leave indifferent nature lovers.
The touch is sensual and the appearance is authentic and aesthetic for an interior.
Contrary to what one might think these training boards don’t shift.

They are available in 3 different types of wood:

  • The exotic wood (very light)
  • Oak
  • The ash
  • You can ask for other type of wood


We sell two types of training boards in resin:
              - A training board in resin: wood effect

This training board is identical to the wooden training board to the difference that it is resin

              - A training board "expert" available in various colours

The expert training board itself is very light and has shallow holds that make a training board to work not only the strength but also the accuracy. The training board "expert" is available in the same colours as holds. His fixations are the most easy and quick to fix with its 3 inks and a very light weight.


This year Osm’Ose marketing a more technical (more grips) training boards in resin.

Available on may 2012


Pan Güllich :

They are tailored and ready to install.
You must consider the size of pan, the number of columns, the number of levels, size of the plates, etc... To order a scheme of your pan will be required.


Type of Wood:

  • Exotic Wood
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Others (ask us!)

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